Welcome to the Standard Deviants’ online home

The Standard Deviants grew out of a group that started in Hawaii over twenty years ago. Now that our members live across the U.S., we use Skype, electronic table tops, or whatever else is appropriate for our games.

Roleplaying Games
After a year of play, we completed our introductory campaign, our own Star Wars Storyteller Edition based on the World of Darkness’s D10 system, and we are currently in the process of setting up a more traditional World of Darkness campaign as well as a more comic book inspired Palladium campaign.

In the past, our activities included several miniature games like Warhammer 40k, WizKids’ X-Wing Miniatures, and Star Trek Wars, a variant of the now defunct Agents of Gamings’ Babylon 5 Wars to name a few.

Tyrel Lohr created the Star Trek variant, and he is one of the creators of Victory by Any Means, a strategic game designed to work with any traditional miniature wargame. Up to this point, we have been unable to get a VBAM game up and running, but if anyone is interested in joining a VBAM game, feel free to contact us to see where we stand.

Our Professional Wrestling RPG project has fallen to the side, but most of the files are still present.

The Standard Deviants

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